Motivational Features Overview

Motivational and inspirational speeches and presentations are based on personal experiences.

All of my speeches use some humorous experiences as well as personal coping and adapting strategies, as well as relate to specific audiences by using information from a questionnaire that clients are asked to fill out in advance of the occasion.

If You Are Interested In Having Ardis Speak To Your Group...

Please download and complete the speaker questionnaire if you are interested in having Ardis speak to your organization, business, church, or other group.


Secrets to Coping with Challenges and Overcoming Change

Key Points:

  • View challenges or obstacles as opportunities rather than tragedies
  • Benefit from the support of friends and family
  • Use humor to keep your focus positive
  • Develop Visualization and imagination techniques
  • Learn strategies to deal with necessary changes in your life/job

Creating a Positive Attitude to Destroy Obstacles in Your Path

Key Points:

  • Realize the positives in all situations
  • Create positive scenarios when planning for the future
  • Use humor to laugh at yourself
  • Develop coping strategies to deal with every-day stressors
  • Integrate relaxation and exercise into your daily schedule

How to Create A Plan for Personal and Professional Success

Key Points:

  • Measure your resources critically (people, money, and skills)
  • Decide what goals are most important
  • Realistically list your goals
  • Set a reachable time-line for each goal
  • Initiate tactics and strategies to reach your goals
  • Discourage outside influences from impeding your progress
  • Identify when changes are necessary in your time-line
  • Get your colleagues, employees, and family to accept your goals
  • Move your initiatives forward as a team

Strategies that will Turn Your Clients/Members into “Raving Fans”

Key Points:

  • A positive image will determine your success
  • Your attitude toward others will draw newcomers
  • Your purpose piques others' interest
  • Publicity has beneficial results
  • Including everyone will reinforce your relationships
  • Creating contests, scholarships, and awards will entice involvement
  • Exciting activities will draw more outsiders
  • Positive communication will promote your group, i.e. websites, list servs, brochures, and newsletters
  • Internal support mechanisms lead to retention
  • Inspiring conferences or seminars give focus
  • Involvement in your community gives sense of belonging

Diversity Training

Key Points:

  • Evaluating Attitude through questionnaires
  • Examining perceptions about persons with disabilities
  • Conversing with people with disabilities
  • Defining accessibility and accommodations
  • Understanding specialized equipment
  • Collaborating with people with disabilities
  • Realizing importance of Global accessibility

Master Time Management in Five Easy Steps

Key Points:

  • Having discipline in life
  • Setting goals with clarity
  • Keeping focused on tasks
  • Marking Realistic expectations
  • Noticing negative procrastination
  • Instigating Time control in scheduling
  • Balancing goals with Clear vision
  • Continuing successtakes minutes a day
  • Changing Behavior by taking action

Image Makeover

Key Points:

  • Project your image
  • Develop a positive attitude and image
  • Create a positive image for your organization
  • Develop a positive image for your Church
  • Update or write a business plan or improve the image of your business

Team Building Initiatives

Key Points:

  • Pursuing equal participation
  • Requiring individual accountability
  • Planning simultaneity
  • Creating positive interdependence
  • Structuring sharing techniques
  • Practicing authenticity with cooperation
  • Picturing decision making models
  • Focusing on shared leadership
  • Implementing cohesive communication
  • Evaluating each team activity
  • Recognizing effective projects
  • Presenting awards without favoritism

How to Fight Stress And Win

Key Points:

  • Pace yourself in daily schedule
  • Identify little irritants
  • Keep organized
  • Know diet essentials
  • Balance sleep and exercise
  • Have positive attitude
  • Make time for relaxation
  • Examine priorities and goals
  • Know your limits

Leadership Training

Key Points:

  • Defining main purpose/mission
  • Outlining Procedures for conducting Effective Board Meetings
  • Learning Officer/Board Responsibilities
  • Building Effective Relationships with Other Board Members
  • Understanding Fiscal responsibility and budgeting procedures
  • Knowing Committee responsibilities
  • Setting goals and planning for the future
  • Planning projects and time-lines

Is Entrepreneurship for You?

Key Points:

  • Deciding whether entrepreneurship is right for you
  • Choosing the right type of business to start
  • Considering financial resources for upfront cost
  • Recognizing family support and your education
  • Researching valuable online resources
  • Exploring grants and/or low interest loans
  • Checking laws and licenses required
  • Writing a business plan